Physical Therapy Services

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Injury Rehabilitation

tailored therapeutic treatments designed to help you recover fast and efficiently from injuries or surgery.


A myofascial treatment that helps improve tissue mobility in an injured area allowing for more blood flow and improved healing

Dry Needling

The use of a small monofilament needle to elicit an increase in blood flow and improved tissue tension in an injured area.

Golf Injury Prevention

A Golf specific program designed to improve movement efficiency and decrease the risk of the most common golf related injuries, helping to keep you on the field.

Sports Recovery Massage

A program consisting of various manual therapy techniques all with the purpose of improving blood flow, decreasing muscle tightness, and improving recovery rate after exercise in order to help maximize your adaptations to training and get you back quicker.

Injury Prevention Screens

Don't wait until you have an injury to seek treatment, most orthopedic injuries are preventable if movement inefficiencies are identified and corrected early.

Normatec Compression Boots

A pneumatic compression pump designed to improve the blood flow circulation in your legs helping to decrease muscle soreness after exercise and significantly improve the rate of recovery.


Balance Training

Advanced Movement Therapy will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to help address all components of balance, helping get you back to moving safely.

Pre-Surgical Therapy

Current research shows us that the stronger, more flexible, and healthier someone goes into surgery the better their results are after surgery.

Post-Surgical Therapy

Advanced Movement Therapy has years of experience and knowledge with post surgical treatment to assure you heal quickly and safely.

Return to Sport

Advanced Movement Therapy’s extensive background in athletic activity and sports performance will help get you back to your recreational activities.

Desk Ergonomics

Advanced Movement Therapy can assess and modify any work environment to make sure it is the most ergonomically appropriate position.

Wellness Training

Advanced Movement Therapy provides general wellness training in the convenience of your home, helping you stay strong for life.

Personal Trainer

Advanced Movement Therapy provides mobile personal training services to help you achieve all of her fitness goals.

Pain Management

Advanced Movement Therapy utilizes several proven techniques to help reduce and eliminate pain in the quickest and safest ways possible.

Back Pain

Let Advanced Movement Therapy help eliminate your back pain without the need for pain medication, costly surgeries, and extensive time out of work.

Neck Pain

Neck pain, especially when due to the use of cellphones and computers, can be very debilitating so call/email today to discuss your symptoms and how we can help!

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Advanced Movement Therapy has the expertise to help treat musculoskeletal injuries, getting you back to doing the things you love the most.


Teletherapy services help provide you with the care you need in the time you have.

TMJ Disorders

Don’t let the pain of untreated TMJ disorders affect your quality of life and call/email us today to discuss how we can help!

Injury Prevention

Advanced Movement Therapy has the expertise to help identify likely functional limitations that may predispose you to unnecessary and costly injuries.

Golf Fitness Assessment

Advanced Movement Therapy has Certified Golf Fitness Specialist ready to help you maximize your fitness potential while reducing your risk for injury.

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