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A Message From Dr. Jared Debenedictus PT, DPT, ATC, NASM-CPT, Owner and Therapist of Advanced Movement Therapy

It is a widespread belief that back pain is merely a passing discomfort that will resolve independently. Often, people attribute it to sleeping awkwardly, muscle spasms, or a common ailment that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. Despite not having an apparent cause, the pain persists without improvement.

If you are in this situation, rest assured that you are not alone. We frequently encounter individuals facing the same issue. Lower back pain and sciatica are the most prevalent concerns presented in our clinic.

When it comes to living with back pain, every person we meet wants to know…

"Why Is This Happening to Me?" Or, "Why Does My Back Pain Persist Even After 3-6 Months? (Sometimes Even Longer!)

The common misconception is that back pain will naturally disappear over time. Many believe they’ll wake up one day, and the pain will vanish like magic. However, the reality is often quite different – even after six months, back pain persists, sometimes worsening from its initial onset.

Does This Situation Sound Familiar To You?

We frequently encounter individuals in our clinic who have experienced this exact scenario. They visit their doctor, hoping for a solution, only to be advised to rest and take painkillers with the hope that it will improve.

Unfortunately, this approach rarely yields the best results. Instead, after about four weeks, they find themselves back at the doctor’s office, with the pain showing slight improvement. To their dismay, they are often prescribed stronger medications and advised to rest even more. This absurd cycle contributes to the prevalence of chronic lower back pain among so many people in the U.S.

Have You Experienced This Situation Before?

Back pain often lingers longer than expected, leaving many perplexed due to the conflicting advice they receive from various sources. With so many people offering suggestions, it’s challenging to discern credible information from the rest.

Perhaps you believe your back pain was triggered by a specific event, such as lifting something heavy or sleeping awkwardly. However, the underlying cause might be years of poor posture and movement, resulting in weakened muscles in your lower back, making the lifting or awkward sleeping position a mere effect of this underlying issue.

Back pain can become extremely bewildering when you lack a clear understanding of the root cause. Consequently, many individuals simply accept it as a normal part of life, assuming it’s just the way things are meant to be. The confusion arising from various advice sources only adds to the puzzle of why back pain persists longer than it should.

Can You Relate to This?

If You Are Currently Experiencing Back Pain, You Might Wonder Why It Persists Longer Than You Anticipated. Here Are Seven More Reasons That Could Shed Some Light On The Matter:

  1. You initially thought the pain would subside independently, but it was more persistent.
  2. Visiting a doctor led to the prescription of painkillers and rest, but they provided only temporary relief, and the chronic back pain returned once the effect wore off.
  3. Family members or friends might have normalized back pain with age, making you accept it as a natural part of aging.
  4. Despite seeking help from other healthcare professionals or physical therapists in the past, their advice or treatments failed to alleviate your pain.
  5. Attempting exercises from online sources, like YouTube, either had no effect or even exacerbated your back pain.
  6. Resting to alleviate the severe back pain left your back feeling even more stiff and tight.
  7. Trying massages for relief might have been relaxing but didn’t offer a long-term solution for your pain.

We are here to assist you if any of these scenarios sound familiar. Consider booking a call with our low back specialist to explore potential solutions for your situation. The fact that you’ve already tried various approaches is valuable as it brings you closer to discovering what truly works for you.

Click the link below to schedule a complimentary call with us, where we can offer sound advice over the phone. Rest assured, there is no obligation to book any appointments with us following the call. We aim to help you make an informed decision about your next steps.

"How Can I Quickly Eliminate My Back Pain?"

Well, Here Are Four Effective Steps:

  1. Make the Decision to Seek Help: Don’t procrastinate; assume your back pain will vanish with time. Delaying treatment may lead to prolonged suffering or even worsen the condition. Take action and seek assistance sooner rather than later.
  2. Perform the Appropriate Exercises: Engage in a series of progressive exercises recommended by a qualified Physiotherapist. These exercises are designed to alleviate pain, restore mobility, and prevent future issues. Ensure you avoid exercises that might exacerbate the problem.
  3. Limit Prolonged Sitting and Rest: Excessive sitting and prolonged rest periods can contribute to back pain and stiffness. Engage in appropriate strengthening exercises to improve your posture and counteract the adverse effects of extended rest. Combine hands-on treatment with exercises to promote a speedy return to a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Opt for Professional Physical Therapy: Seek hands-on Physical Therapy, as it has been proven effective for addressing low-back pain. At Advanced Movement Therapy, we specialize in treating this common ailment. Whether your back pain impacts your work, daily activities, independence, or quality time with loved ones, Physical Therapy can help you reclaim the life you deserve.

If you’re interested in experiencing relief from back pain with our skilled physical therapists at Advanced Movement Therapy, we welcome you to fill out the form by clicking the link below.

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"How Can Choosing To See A Physical Therapist At Advanced Movement Therapy Effectively Relieve Your Back Pain In Just A Few Days?"

Our dedicated Physical Therapy Team can offer you the following benefits:

Ultimately, we aim to liberate you from the curse of chronic back pain and restore your ability to live life fully.

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